19 mei 1971

Clothing runs in the family, my grandfather used to start 4 stores in Sluis with the name Groosman, which is our last name. Those Groosman are still there now, with a different owner. I am now in 1 of those stores with Débrouillard, there is nothing better than that.
When my grandfather married my grandmother, my grandfather left the Groosman stores to his brothers and my grandfather and grandmother started a separate store together called Dandy, which existed until my grandfather and grandmother retired.

Débrouillard production

With these "clothing genes," I started Débrouillard. And also at Débrouillard, we keep the manufacturing process in the family. Because all our clothing comes from Belgium, from my cousins, who have a custom business in Antwerp, they do everything from embroidery to printing. So every little detail on Débrouillard products is made personally and with love.